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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 4:11 pm    Post subject: EVDOmaps.com Help

EVDOmaps.com is a free service of the EVDO Experts at 3GStore.com and EVDOinfo.com, the proud host of EVDOforums.com

EVDOMaps.com is NOT meant to be an authoritative "coverage map".
It is a site where members of EVDOforums can post actual speed test results and descriptions of their gear, so that others can see what service was like at that moment in time, from that user's location.

The objectives of this free tool are:

1) See new EVDO Rev A areas before they are officially announced
2) Determine which areas may be "overloaded"
3) See how our antennas and amplifiers may help in specific locations

In order to add information to EVDOmaps.com, you first must be logged in on EVDOforums.com.

Here are two important URLs:

To create a record (or modify or delete your existing) in EVDOmaps, visit:


To View the current EVDO Maps visit:


When adding a record in EVDOmaps, we encourage you NOT to enter your home or office full address... instead, enter a nearby intersection into the address field.

If you use one of Booster-Antenna.com's antennas or amplifiers, please consider taking the time to post results with and without the antenna/amp so that others may see what benefit you gain.
If you are not using an Antenna or Amp, please leave that field blank.

Latency is reported when you do a ping (we like pinging Google), if you don't know how to do this, please leave this field blank.

It is important to fill in dBm (but not required). You can get this in the About box in VZAccess Manager or hovering the mouse over the signal in the Sprint Connection Manager, it will probably be an number between -50 & -115

If you post an entry with a download/upload speed of 0/0, we will most likely delete it, please post as much info as possible

We encourage you to do speed benchmarks, and prefer that you use either of these sites:


be sure to copy the benchmark image when you are done, so you can paste it into your EVDOmaps record.

For example, DSLreports, returns this:
<img border=0 src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/21880913/52692.png">

Just copy the bolded info and paste it into the "image URL" field.

If yours is a 'special setup' like an RV installation or home "out in the boonies"... please feel free to tell others about it in the 'notes' section!

On the EVDOmap you will see different icons depending on the coverage that was reported:

FYI, EVDOMaps.com had some new features added on 01/28/07:

Users can now take advantage of pre-built search we call QuickLinks, using a pull down menu. QuickLinks to selections like "Fastest Download Speeds" and "Verizon Rev-A Fastest50" make it simpler for users to see what they want.

In addition, once a user has a selection of records, a series of filters allow the user to specify subsets of the information. This means if they only have an interest in Verizon, they can turn off Sprint checkbox and leave off sprint records.

We hope you enjoy our exciting new toy as much as we do!
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