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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:45 pm    Post subject: jetpack 4620

does the built in router in a jetpack give anonymity or security for users??? please explain
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:52 pm    Post subject: Re: jetpack 4620

ev9591 wrote:
does the built in router in a jetpack give anonymity or security for users??? please explain

To ev9591,

I noted your question a few days ago, and still feel I am not best qualified to answer your question. But still as a forum user who believes every honest question deserves some answer on this forum, I will take a stab at it. Especially since I now use a 462OL modm and fomerly used its somewhat equaivalent in a 3G Verzion MIFI 2200.

As I will start out with the question to our OP, if you did not want to expose yourself to any potentional computer security disadvantages of being a publically detectable WIFI hotspot, why did you buy a 4620L modem that is somewhat a default WIFI hotspot by design. When you could have bought a plethora of other 4G USB verizon modems which would dodge any WIFI security questions. As a 4G USB type verizon modem would allow you to hard wire connect to a cradle point type router and also allow you hard wire network in many other computer in your house via ethernet cables. But the devil in that detail, often lies in the difficutly of drilling holes in various walls and having enough ethernet ports on your router.

Then I can point out, that the MIFI 3G 2200 and the 4620L modem (and not the 4610LMIGI modem) are two trick ponies. Because when the MIFI 2200 was connected by a USB cable, it lost the ability to be a WIFI device and became a USB modem. With the 4620L it gets a little more complex. As it can too lose half of its 10 device WIFI ability if connected by a special USB two cable sold by the 3G store for little money. And then it behaves exactly like a USB modem, even though you may have to go to the page and set certain settings.

As for me, I am happier than a pig in mud to have the default WIFI hotspot in a WIFI device, with few worries about the slight risks of WIFI and being hacked. But maybe I am in a better position than you because I am in a rural area and well off the road. As I use metal plates to make sure my MIFI signal can't go North as I only need 802.11 A range to connect to my wife's computer 50 feet away. After a year an a half of using this strategy, I have yet to be hacked or evn detected

As the 4620L offers another advantage, in that it has a screen that will tell me me how many users I have. As I always Know how many users I actually have, and if I see one more than I should have I will instantly turn off and change all passwords.

But at the end of the day, for every WIFI network that get hacked, there are 20 networks that get hacked using different means.

As I also read an interesting article on another forum, it takes at least 2 Hours to crack to crack the security of a minimal strong WIFI password, and far far longer, like three months to dent a stronger pass words.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:54 am    Post subject: Re: jetpack 4620

ev9591 wrote:
does the built in router in a jetpack give anonymity or security for users??? please explain

I'm not sure what type of anonymity or security you're talking about - for the admin or owner of the 4620 or for connected devices.

Anonymity of the 4620? If you don't want the SSID visible so that someone must know the SSID to even attempt to connect - yes you can opt to not broadcast the SSID.

Security on the 4620 - Open (no password needed for a device to connect), Secure (WPA, WEP, or mixed), Temp hotspot (temp generated SSID/pw, uses same security as your secure setting).

Anonymity for a connected device? Not sure if that's what you're asking, but no not exactly. The admin of the 4620 can see the mac addresses (and device name) of connected devices and the IP assigned by the router.

To my knowledge there's not a real firewall capability like you'll see in a regular router.

(added after I posted) - One more in regards to anonymity that you might be referring to (again your question was a little vague and general) - There is an option that I have not used, "Privacy Separation" - which means wifi users can't see each other on the network. Help states "If enabled, then Wi-Fi devices attached to the MiFi device will not be able to view each other. If you browse the network, you will not see other computers or their shared folders. Normally, there is no need to enable this setting, but it provides greater privacy and protection if needed."

I assume it probably doesn't mean that the 4620 admin won't be able to see them connected, just individual connected devices won't see each other.
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