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PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 11:37 am    Post subject: Online Golf Game Using Verizon & UML290

Hi, i hope this is the right place to post this "HELP NEEDED" ad? Smile 1st post...

my brother and i have been playing "Links 2003 Golf" on the internet for years, i live out in the middle of no where land, so i have have depended on dish systems for my internet connection. a friend of mine let my try out his Verizon USB modem and to me was WOW.. much faster web pages, much lower ping time and speed a tad faster etc... we can only connect at 3G NOT 4G but was OK by me... so i purchased my own UML290 and a CradlePoint MBR95 and i was back playing golf with my brother and everything was cool... HOWEVER, that was a few months back and we have NOT been able to play online golf ever since. so after a lot of research, i have found out the Verizon has put me behind a "Private" firewall or such... my CradlePoint says i have an IP address that starts with 10.xxx. and my public facing IP starts with 175.xxx. or sometimes 166.xxx. back when my CradlePoint use to show my IP starting with 75.xxx and my IP on the WEB was also 75.xxx i and my brother was able to play golf... but NOT anymore... so after some more research i found out that Verizon wants to charge me $500 just so as i can get a static IP and then i can then use my port forwarding to play golf once again... i never had a static IP address before... so i called and talk to a lady in tech support at Verizon for nearly 45mins and she said, basically there was nothing she could do about it... $500 just to play an online golf game... are the kidding????

would anyone here might know of a workaround to this solution or am i just stuck in a $500 hole? i'm not made of money and with the economy the way it is, i just can't believe they are charging this ridiculous amount!!

Thanks for you time!!!
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