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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:20 am    Post subject: Which Device to Recommend?

I have a question about which device to recommend to my friends. Many of my friends want to be able to wirelessly connect their video phones to their home wifi networks, rather than having to run Cat 5 cables around the house or use “datalink” devices that plug into the household wiring at both ends (I have those devices and am NOT impressed).

I had been recommending the CTR35 because it has the WiFi as WAN feature, AND it can be used with an air card to provide additional capability. I have one that I got from 3Gstore.com, and it suits my needs PERFECTLY. And at $89, it’s a GREAT value.

My question is, why would I not continue to recommend the CTR35? I’ve seen that 3Gstore.com has been offering the Pepwave Surf Mini at $99 for a while. What does the Pepwave Surf Mini offer that the CTR35 doesn’t? And if the answer is nothing, except maybe a bit more range (not necessary IMHO if used in a home environment), is there any compelling reason to not continue to recommend the CTR35?


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